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Course Overview:
Course Title: Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist™
CEU's: 1.9 NASM, 15 AFAA, 1.0 NCCPT, 20 ISSA
Prerequisites:  None
Time Completion:  
90 Days time limit to complete requirements; however, most students complete the course in 4-6 weeks. You may extend the time of completion and get ongoing support to complete the course in record time by joining the optional Silver Coaching Program (SCP).
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Learning Format: Home Study/Distance Learning - Course is taken online, available 24/7, internet access is needed.
Course Requirements:
  • 130 question open  book test (True/False, Multiple Choice).  Taken online, no time limit to complete the test.  You can complete the test in as many "sessions" as needed. 
  • Case Studies:  Create three meal plans (diets) using Exercise & Nutrition Works, Inc. Online What Works® Custom Nutrition Software™ (included) and system with the data provided. 
  • Answer five questions regarding two of the three case studies. 
  • Print, arrange, and submit three case studies and materials as instructed.
How is this Course Different?
  • You will Learn to Create TRUE Custom Meal Plans. Instead of "cramming" your clients into a one size fits all box of an endomorph, ectomorph or mesomorph and then telling them to eat a certain number of "fistfulls of carbs, palms of protein and thumbs worth of fat," learn how to create custom nutrition plans that base carbohydrate, protein and fat needs on your clients' lean body mass, duration, frequency and intensity of exercise (or lack thereof) and how to adjust their plans based on their response to the plan. 
  • Outside Your Scope of Practice? Completely NOT TRUE! If you have been in the health, wellness and fitness industry for more than 30 minutes, YOU KNOW THAT YOU JUST CANNOT OUTTRAIN A BAD DIET! So how can giving SOLID nutrition advice be outside of your scope of practice? Many certifying bodies want you to believe that, when in reality, it only applies to very few states in the US. If you happen to live in a state where you are "not supposed to give nutrition advice," we will teach you how to LEGALLY and ETHICALLY be able to help your clients reach their goals faster through custom nutrition plans, and get tons of referrals wile at it.
  • Based on Science - Designed for the Individual. Instead of "teaching" you 101 different diet modalities and no way to apply them, you will learn how to implement a PROVEN SCIENCE BASED Nutrition Philosophy and gain the knowledge to develop and test your own Nutrition Philosophy guaranteed to give your clients results. 
  • Gain Instant Access to Cutting Edge Software. The second you register for the course you will have access to the student version of Exercise & Nutrition Works, Inc. Online What Works® Custom Nutrition Software™. Once you complete the course you can choose to continue using our software at a hugely reduced graduate price making it easy to create meal plans for your clients with a few clicks of the mouse. Best of all, you can choose to continue using or proven Nutrition Philosophy, or incorporate your own just as naturally and easily. 
  • Learn Sales & Motivation Techniques Used by World Leaders. Our certification is the ONLY Nutrition Certification that provides an introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). The same language skills that world leaders such as Tony Robbins use to motivate their clients into success. Learn the NLP principles for Sales with Integrity, where you will learn that sales is something you do FOR people and not "to" people. When you gain a clear understanding of your clients' needs and how they go about making decisions, communicating the value you have to offer so that it seamlessly meets their goals becomes an easy conversation where both parties involved win. 
  • Learn to Create Your Own Economy. You will learn how to structure your nutrition counseling business so that it creates immediate income, how to have your clients continue to renew with you, and to continue to create a recurring income from them even after they have completed their one on one work with you.
ENW's Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist™ program is perfect for beginner and advanced Personal Trainers, Certified Life Coaches, Registered Dietitians, Certified Nutrition Coaches, Certified Diabetes Educators, RNs, Certified Fitness Nutritionists, as well as anyone wanting the opportunity to increase their income* by providing their current clients with the missing component for guaranteed success – sound nutrition programs along with the psychology and strategies only Neuro Linguistic Programming skills can provide.
Your Complete Online Course for just $495.00
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  • Business Structure - ​A Proven SYSTEM to increase your income and credibility as a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist™
  • Business Model - Who is your Niche?  How are you serving them?
  • Business Skills - Language skills to Enrolling 30-90% of your Prospects
  • Business Structure - Leverage your Nutrition Coaching Program for long term recurring income
  • Business Model - All the Tools, Templates & Training to set your business on the right track 
  • Business Skills - How much to charge and Creating Programs to Optimize your business.
"Your Program is Outstanding and I have found it to be 100% Successful"

I just received my diploma for passing my Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist examination. I am beyond proud and excited. Thank you so much for your quick turn around time and for getting it to me so quickly. 

I have several other Nutrition and Personal Training degrees from national certification boards such as NFPT and ISSA. Needless to say, I have been exposed to and studied many different nutrition programs and publications. Your course materials and your visual presentations and seminars are my favorites by far. You have such a vast knowledge in nutrition, yet you present all the information in such a straightforward, easy to understand and enjoyable manner. 

I am so impressed that you also include a section on NLP and Hemispheric Integration. Not only is this something very unique for a Nutritionist to possess knowledge of, but I find it to be the thing that will set me apart from other certified nutrition experts. I applaud you for understanding and emphasizing the importance of mastering this aspect of selling and building client rapport as well.  I also want to thank you for always being available to answer my questions and concerns whether via email or on the telephone. It is so rare in today's business world to encounter such personal attention. It is very much appreciated to have your immediate support.   I have used your program on hundreds of people, from world champion boxers to regular "week end warriors".Your program is outstanding and when followed correctly I have found it to be 100% successful!!!

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Unni Greene, CFNS
The "Diet Diva"
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Access your course from your computer, smartphone or tablet any time, any where with an internet connection.  Study at your own pace, when it is convenient for you.

ENW”s Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist™ program is perfect for beginner and advanced Personal Trainers, Certified Life Coaches, Sports Coaches, Registered Dietitians, Certified Nutrition Coaches, Certified Diabetes Educators, RNs, Certified Fitness Nutritionists, as well as anyone wanting the opportunity to increase their income by providing their current clients with the missing component for guaranteed success – sound nutrition and fitness programs along with the psychology and strategies only our program can provide.

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Proven strategies and SYSTEMS give you the ability to expand and scale your business quickly whether it be online or brick and mortar.  Our proven CUSTOM Nutrition Solution and Sales Strategies Training deliver exponential expansion to grow your business the RIGHT way - with integrity!
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Increase Your Client Value
One of our favorite ways to grow a business is by increasing the value you offer your wonderful clients!  Using the What Works Nutrition Solution System, you'll implement the systems and techniques to double, triple or even quadruple your average clients value.
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Growing your business occurs typically from either getting more clients or increasing the average value of each client.  One of the best ways to increase profitability is through leveraged systems.  Create the program and set up leveraged streams of income!
Increase Profitability with the Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist certification
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You will receive Immediate Access to the online Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist™ program to start on right away. And, your "Secret Weapon": Access to the Student Version of the 
Online What Works® Custom Nutrition Software™. 
Start creating CUSTOM Meal Plans right away and save hours of doing them by hand.  All of the formulas are Done For You!!
Earn Your Continuing Education Units
We have been approved CEU Providers since 2003!
Offering the most comprehensive and applicable Nutrition Education and Real Life Business Application in the Industry.
NASM Nutrition Certification Approved Provider
Providing  1.9 CEU's
AFAA Nutrition Certification Approved Provider
Providing 15 CEU's
NCCPT Nutrition Certification Approved Provider
Providing 1.0 CEU's
ISSA Nutrition Certification Approved Provider
Providing 20 CEU's
This Program Is Designed For...
  •   Nutrition Consultants & Coaches
  •   Fitness Trainers, Contest Prep Coaches
  •   Medical Professionals (such as Bariatric Doctors)
  •   Health & Wellness Professionals (Chiropractors, Massage Therapists)
  •   Registered Dietitians
  •   Supplement Stores
  •   Meal Planners
  •   Network Marketing Professionals
International Association of health & nutrition Business Owners (iahnbo)
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Because we are NASM CEU providers, we honor the same 100% money-back guarantee:

  • 100% Refund within 2 weeks of purchase date. 
  • 50% Refund within 15-30 days of purchase date. 
  • No refund after 30 days from purchase date. 

Let’s face it… this program is powerful and this program works. PERIOD.  We stand behind our program because the results have spoken for themselves for our many happy and successful customers.  So listen up: we are taking on all the risk here because this SYSTEM is THAT EFFECTIVE.  Our guarantee to you is that if you go through the entire program and still do not feel that you have gotten the results that you are excited about… simply drop us an email within 30 days of your purchase with a DEMONSTRATION THAT YOU APPLIED THE PRINCIPLES and your refund request and we will refund every cent (as stated above) – WITHOUT QUESTION.

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Now that you are ready to learn how to guide your clients in making their best nutritional choices, and find out for yourself what these choices are, learn how to back up your claims, gain credibility in your field, have the educational background to explain why something works or does not, have your clients give you credit for their success, instead of thinking it was the latest supplement they took that got them the results, become aware of what to say and what not to say – legally, and finally get paid TOP DOLLAR for your advice and increase your income by up to $10,000.00 per month with your existing clients.

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  • SAVE $500 Off of Regular Software Price
  • Choose from 1, 2 or 3 Payment Options!
What About Giving Nutrition Advice?

When it comes to creating an income through nutritional advice, we are aware that certain states have specific rules and regulations. We are an International certifying body and cannot possibly keep up with all the laws and regulations worldwide. Even in our own USA there are many different laws in each state. We know of a few states, Illinois, Ohio, Florida, and a handful more where you can only give nutritional advice if you are a doctor or a dietitian. Sounds crazy, right? Especially when most doctors don’t have more than one or two nutrition courses in their entire curriculum!

Can you believe that it is okay for people in those states to log onto the Internet and get really REALLY bad advice, but it is not okay for them to go see someone like you who has been trained by a dietitian (that would be me) who was in charge of giving doctors at the burn unit, intensive care unit, oncology, and orthopedic units at one of our nation’s top hospitals advice on the best nutritional care for their patients?!?!? 

Don’t worry, if you happen to live in one of the crazy backwards thinking states, you can still take our course and benefit from the knowledge and improve YOUR LIFE through nutrition, AND also benefit from getting the CEU’s that you want and need. And you should check your state laws and regulations and find out what is “allowed” before you start to give your clients nutritional advice. Yes, you can share with them general nutritional knowledge (as in what are better foods choices, better cooking methods, etc.) but you may not be able to let them know exactly how much to eat, when, and why.

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