Who Can You Legally Give Nutritional Advice To And What Are The Guidelines?

This is important stuff – it affects your business and your clients.  Keep in mind that we are an International certifying body and cannot possibly keep up with all the laws and regulations worldwide. Even in our own USA there are many different laws in each state.

We know of a few states, Illinois, Ohio, Florida, and a handful more where you can only give nutritional advice if you are a doctor or a dietitian. Sounds crazy, right? Especially when most doctors don’t get more than one or two nutrition courses in their entire curriculum!

Can you believe that it is okay for people in those states to log onto the Internet and get really really bad advice, but it is not okay for them to go see someone like you who has been trained by a dietitian (that would be me) who was in charge of giving doctors at the burn unit, intensive care unit, oncology, and orthopedic units at one of our nation’s top hospitals advice on the best nutritional care for their patients?!?!?

Don’t worry, if you happen to live in one of the crazy backwards thinking states, you can still take our course and benefit from the knowledge and improve YOUR LIFE through nutrition, AND also benefit from getting the CEU’s that you want and need. But you should check with your state and what is “allowed” before you start to give advice to your clients. Yes, you can share with them general nutritional knowledge (as in what are the better food choices, better cooking methods, etc.) but you may not be able to let them know exactly how much to eat, when, and why.

Before you go freaking out, I just want to point out that there is no “nutritional police” out there, and that we have never heard of anyone being sued for giving sound nutritional advice… that being said, we do live in a sue happy society and it is best for you to do your due diligence so that you can be safe.

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