Your Secret Weapon: Our Online What Works® Custom Nutrition Software™
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Once you become a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist™ through Exercise & Nutrition Works, Inc. you will be given the option to continue to continue using our software at a HUGE discount. We typically sell our software for $900 for the first year, and a yearly renewal license fee of $499 for the second year and beyond (you can get an even better deal when you invest in more than one year up front… the more years, the lower the price per year).

As one of our CFNS Graduates, you get an even better deal, once certified, you get to COMPLETELY BYPASS THE INITIAL $900 PRICE, and just pay the $499 license fee.  This means that you get an entire year of our software for only $499. With as few as three clients you can recover the investment for BOTH the CFNS course AND an entire year of software use. Since we know you may just be getting started, we even have a month to month plan that is easy to afford, and you can upgrade to the full year and beyond when ready.

This means that AFTER your third client, you will have gotten a 100% return on investment and be on your way to an entire year of profit.  Being paid for your knowledge while helping others and doing what you LOVE is truly a great thing and we have developed the system to get you there!

The video below gives you a quick look at our software. Our software is completely online, and you can access it with any device, iPhone, iPad, Android, laptop, desktop, etc. If it connects to the Internet, you (and your clients) can connect to our software.

Take a look at the video below, be sure to click on the lower right hand corner to “expand” the video so you can see it in greater detail and do let us know if you have any questions by clicking on the Submit questions link or call us toll free 866-719-6757 ext 12

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