What Makes Our Nutrition Certification Course Different?

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How is this Course Different?
  •  You will Learn to Create TRUE Custom Meal Plans. Instead of “cramming” your clients into a one size fits all box of an endomorph, ectomorph or mesomorph and then telling them to eat a certain number of “fistfulls of carbs, palms of protein and thumbs worth of fat,” learn how to create custom nutrition plans that base carbohydrate, protein and fat needs on your clients’ lean body mass, duration, frequency and intensity of exercise (or lack thereof) and how to adjust their plans based on their response to the plan.
  •  Based on Science  Designed for the Individual. Instead of “teaching” you 101 different diet modalities and no way to apply them, you will learn how to implement a PROVEN SCIENCE BASED Nutrition Philosophy and gain the knowledge to develop and test your own Nutrition Philosophy guaranteed to give your clients results.
  •  Gain Instant Access to Cutting Edge Software. The second you register for the course you will have access to the student version of Exercise & Nutrition Works, Inc. Online What Works® Custom Nutrition Software™. Once you complete the course you can choose to continue using our software at a hugely reduced graduate price making it easy to create meal plans for your clients with a few clicks of the mouse. Best of all, you can choose to continue using or proven Nutrition Philosophy, or incorporate your own just as naturally and easily.
  •  Learn Sales & Motivation Techniques Used by World Leaders. Our certification is the ONLY Nutrition Certification that provides an introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). The same language skills that world leaders such as Tony Robbins use to motivate their clients into success. Learn the NLP principles for Sales with Integrity, where you will learn that sales is something you do FOR people and not “to” people. When you gain a clear understanding of your clients’ needs and how they go about making decisions, communicating the value you have to offer so that it seamlessly meets their goals becomes an easy conversation where both parties involved win.
  •  Learn to Create Your Own Economy. You will learn how to structure your nutrition counseling business so that it creates immediate income, how to have your clients continue to renew with you, and to continue to create a recurring income from them even after they have completed their one on one work with you.