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Hi Lucho,
I just received my diploma for passing my Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist examination. I am beyond proud and excited. Thank you so much for your quick turn around time and for getting it to me so quickly. I have several otherNutrition and Personal Training degrees from national certification boards such as NFPT and ISSA. Needless to say, I have been exposed to and studied many different nutrition programs and publications. Your course materials and your visual presentations and seminars are my favorites by far. You have such avast knowledge in nutrition, yet you present all the information in such a straightforward, easy to understand and enjoyable manner. I am so impressed that you also include a section on NLP and Hemispheric Integration. Not only is this something very unique for a Nutritionist to possess knowledge of, but I find it to be the thing that will set me apart from other certified nutrition experts. I applaud you for understanding and emphasizing the importance of mastering this aspect of selling and buildingclient rapport as well.

I have used your program on hundreds of people, from world champion boxers to regular “week end warriors”.Your program is outstanding and when followed correctly I have found it to be 100% successful!!!

I thank you again and applaud you for your continued committment to increase the quality of people’s lives through health, fitness and nutrition…

Sincerely, Unni Greene The Diet Diva
Hi Lucho,
I just wanted to thank you for your continued support and continued dedication to the well-being of my business. I purchased your nutrition program and in a very short time (no more than a few weeks) it paid off many times what I paid for it. It has given my business a significant boost by providing not only the best personalized training services but now I can provide each of my clients with an individualized nutrition program. The best thing is it doesn’t stop there! It provides me with an ongoing revenue stream from non-clients as well. I have people calling me for the meal planning alone and many of these people even become training clients. Anyone that knows the lifelong value of a client will know that means a lot more money in my pocket. I strongly recommend this software because it is the most complete, professional program available. There truly is no better program on the market. To your health, Lucho. Thanks!…
Matthew Hickey, CFNS
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Hi Lucho,
What Works™ is simply the best nutrition software available. Unlike other programs, it doesn’t treat nutrition as an isolated aspect of the fitness equation. Instead, it incorporates principles of exercise science and body composition with nutrition plans. With its comprehensive food database, flexibility, and ease of use, What Works Nutrition Software® allows me to see a volume of clients that would not be possible otherwise. And the precision of the software enables my clients to see tangible results in the least amount of time…
Teri Tom, MS, RD, CFNS Registered Dietitian Martial Arts Instructor The Sports Club / LA
Hi Lucho,
“Working with Lisa and Lucho reminds me of the quote in the Talmud, “Over every blade of grass there is an angel whispering, ‘grow, grow, grow.’ ”

Every workout session, I see their smiling faces and hear their voices urging me to “go, go, go!” Thank you for putting me on the path to the best health and fitness I’ve experienced in my adult life … and I’m 51!”

Debbie Phillips, Executive and Life Coach, Martha's Vineyard, MA
Dear Lucho,
I want to express how much I appreciate your certification program for Fitness Nutrition. The manual of study provided was comprehensive, and the videos very informative, instructing the prospective nutritionist in how to instruct and educate their clientele. I love the software program!

I have, to date, designed close to a hundred menu plans for both men and women of various ages with a variety of nutritional needs. By taking body fat measurements (Skindex calipers) at regular intervals, inputting the information into the client’s software menu program and reading the resultant graph, I am able to make reasonable deductions as to whether the client is progressing in the right direction toward his/her goals in regards to healthy body composition (fat/muscle). By offering this type of accountability to my clients, they are more apt to stay “on track.”

Also, I very much appreciate your expertise and years of experience. You have always been very available, helpful and professional in answering my questions and concerns regarding my clientele.

I enjoy helping people toward their nutritional goals and healthy lifestyle menu planning, and you have provided the very best in tools—your program and yourself!!…
Thank you many times over!…

Sincerely, Sherry Zedlitz, CFNS
Thank you very much Lucho! You have an awesome Nutrition Program, and the training materials were first class all the way. We are very excited to get started.
Have a wonderful Weekend, Chris Rogers, CFNS

I want to thank you for your program. I’ve studied nutrition extensively and you touched on all the important factors that make a proper diet work. I have been giving seminars around the country on these principles with great success. When I started my seminars in 2004, a Doctor on the east coast was in attendance to my first seminar. I was quite nervous because of this. He was a good 70lbs overweight and brought along his wife & sister-in-law. They were active during the seminar by asking questions, taking notice, etc. I could tell they actually cared about their health. A few months later, I got a call from the wife who said she had lost 30lbs, her husband (the doctor) had lost 60 lbs, and his sister-in-law had lost 40lbs. The Doctor’s sister-in-law also explained my methods to her husband and helped him lose 50lbs. From this seminar I gave, between those four people, they saw a total of 180lbs lost! This was very gratifying and I started seeing much more business when the doctor started referring his clients to me.

Since then, I’ve taken my success around the world, working with African Nutritionists and adopting some of their unique practices into my regimen. I have taught people with great success in the Bahamas while living on a small island there. I now reside in Santa Barbara, CA and work with high-end clientele on their nutritional needs. I account all of their success to the ideas and philosophies of Lucho. I have preached his words verbatim with great success. I recently finished holding a “Biggest Loser” contest with a local corporation. The 1st place contestant lost 81 lbs in 3 months, the 2nd place contestant lost 70 lbs in the same amount of time! To this day, I’ve helped people lose over 5,000 pounds!!!! All in 2 years. Thanks so much. Maybe we can work together on a project some day? I admire your simplistic approach that works so well.

Sincerely, Matt Hackney, CFNS Personal Trainer
Dear Lucho,

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. 🙂 Your information was enlightening and for the first time in my life I am on an eating program that is working for me and is very easy to follow. I have spiral notebooks alphabatized with foods/meals with their exact macronutrient information…I have spent a great deal of time learning what various foods are made of but never knew how to combine them or how much of which group I really needed. I just went by the end numbers and yes, seeing now the flaws of such, I followed a percentage plan to begin with that wasn’t right for me. This program has literally given me back two hours a week in futile menu planning!

Thank you so much for your time with this, Jacqui Jovonovich, CFNS