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continuing educationIf you have been in the business longer than a month, you have already figured out that most clients expect that 3 days a week with you will magically transform their minds and bodies. You can’t very well follow them around 24/7 to monitor what they are doing.

But you CAN educate them with the rest of the equation that guarantees them results: a sound nutritional plan, strategy, and simple rules to follow daily. Turn each client into a greater income source, and they will be referring new clients to you hand over foot.



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  • Did you know that the “calories-in-calories-out” philosophy on nutrition is laughable and only those who can create a customized meal plan are seen as true experts?

I just wanted to thank you for your continued support and continued dedication to the well-being of my business. I purchased your nutrition program and in a very short time (no more than a few weeks) it paid off many times what I paid for it. It has given my business a significant boost by providing not only the best personalized training services but now I can provide each of my clients with an individualized nutrition program. The best thing is it doesn’t stop there! It provides me with an ongoing revenue stream from non-clients as well. I have people calling me for the meal planning alone and many of these people even become training clients. Anyone that knows the lifelong value of a client will know that means a lot more money in my pocket.

– Matthew Hickey, CFNS –